Process 3
Saving upgraded spatial data back to Temporary Work Area

Saving the upgraded spatial data back to the Temporary Work Area is an existing process in SAM.

This is by design a write process back to the same temporary work area that SAM obtained the data and only old and utility themes are written.

This process should only be carried out the once, and only when the supervisor is satisfied with the upgrade result.

For some temporary work area environments it will be possible to over write the upgraded themes if a subsequent error is found and fixed in the SAM/SAE environment.

For other environments there may be various IT reasons and/or development issues with rewriting the upgraded data to the temporary work area.

For this reason, SAM provides a comprehensive Feature Level Reporting functionality to give the supervisor every assistance in finding any spatial upgrade issues, as well as the relevant tools to fix these errors.

It should be noted that SAM/SAE guarantees not to change topology, only to change coordinate values. This means that the tools provided by SAM/SAE will only assist in moving coordinates to an appropriate location and do not include tools to delete or add points.