Temporary Work Area

At this stage the temporary work area will contain both the original and upgraded versions of the utility and cadastre. The upgraded data would have been viewed by the supervisor and found to be of good enough quality to be forwarded to the temporary work area.

The feature level reporting functionality would have been used to find any upgrade problems, and either they would have been fixed using the SAE's "Find, Fix and Forget" functionality, or would have been flagged by SAM's "Problematic Area" function. The "Problematic Area" function highlights problem areas to be edited in the GIS environment by recording bounding rectangles around these areas.

The GIS Developer must familiarise themselves with the GIS requirements in terms of business rules, connectivity rules, techniques for carrying out coordinate shifts for features, and many other areas such as releasing long term transaction locks, etc.

There may also be a need to facilitate the retirement of the original digital cadastre parcel polygons and the promotion of the new parcel polygons, as well as clearing out any unwanted data from the temporary work area when it is no longer relevant.