Regaining Vertical Topology with Topo Manager

Organisations create new themes such as statistical boundaries and zones based on roads or land parcels, but when the cadastre is surveyed to greater accuracy and amended, the derived themes no longer match the new roads or primary themes. Vertical Topology has been lost.

  • Spatial selections may return incorrect results
  • Data cannot be shared with other organisations
  • Maps are unattractive

Topo Manager automatically cleans and realigns topology across multiple themes with performance gains up to 50 times over manual editing and checking.


  • 98% accuracy
  • GIS platform independence
  • Powerful Reporting and QA tools
  • 100+ metre shifts and large variations in scale and detail

Topo Manager's sophisticated routines realign a statistical boundary to road, rail and cadastre.

A user analyses parcels in a zoning category (yellow) but unintentionally selects parcels outside the zoning polygon becuase its edge now overhangs the extra parcels.

Advanced features

  • corrects themes for internal consistency
  • snaps these derived themes back onto the updated versions of the primary themes
  • Superfluous nodes can be automatically removed
  • new nodes in the primary themes automatically inserted

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Position Magazine published edits from this article in the August-September Edition.