Cleaning Topology with Topo Manager

Organisations maintain themes such as cadastre/landbase, statistical boundaries and zones. Often the amended polygons are provided by external sources or the inhouse GIS does not support topology, and the new edges do not align with the previous edges. Topology has been lost.

  • Spatial selections may return incorrect results
  • Data cannot be shared with other organisations
  • Maps are unattractive

Topo Manager automatically cleans and realigns topology internally within a single themes with performance gains up to 500 times over manual editing and checking.


  • unprecedented accuracy
  • GIS platform independence
  • Powerful Reporting and QA tools
  • now on SQL Server 2008

View a short demonstration of topology cleaning on SQL Server 2008.



Topo Manager's sophisticated routines clean incorrect topology allowing for better mapping and spatial analysis.

The user can create scripts using the form above, retrieve and run the necessary script, run sections of the script, to create clean topology.

Advanced features

  • corrects themes for internal consistency
  • advanced snapping routines snap nodes and edges together
  • Superfluous nodes can be automatically removed via an advanced Douglas-Peuker filter
  • easy interactive script editing makes the process repeatable and configurable
  • topology analysis via interactive viewing or report analysis stored in ESRI's Shape File format and text files

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