Documentation On-line Tutorials
The comprehensive and readable user manual includes
  • Terminology
  • Product overview
  • Workflows
  • Running through a sample project
  • Sample Scripts for process automation
  • Setting up SAM for the first time
  • Configuration
These walk you through the different adjustment processes and are an excellent orientation for new staff in preparation for training. More
Support and Upgrades
An annual subscription provides prompt telephone and on-line support, patches and functional improvements.
Installation & Delivery Training
Spatial Tapestry software is installed in complex IT environments and at remote sites where there is little technical expertise. Spatial Tapestry will assist in the installation of the software. Our professional staff will guide you in how to:
  • Read your data into the SAM software
  • Get the upgraded data back into your corporate databases
If you are undertaking spatial adjustments in-house (as opposed to using our bureau service), staff training is recommended. Spatial Tapestry will train staff on the interfaces and procedures to successfully perform a spatial data upgrade.