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Sam Utilities is a comprehensive application to maintain the relative position of the utility asset and annotation layers as the digital cadastre is upgraded (find out more on Our Solution).

  • SAM identifies how assets and associated layers need to be shifted ot align to the new cadastre.
  • Topology matching results of over 98% are achieved with the automated process.
  • The operator views the results and uses a comprehensive set of tools to validate them.
  • The correctly positioned assets are commited back to the GIS.

Find out more about How SAM works.

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Orthophotography has been added for clarity but is not a pre-requisite for SAM

The old cadastre in orange is out of position

The new cadastre in green is an excellent fit

Let us talk you through a demonstration (Requires a Java enabled browser and Flash Player 6)

SAM Utilities - Extents
SAM Utilities - Operators
SAM Utilities - Allocation

SAM - Progress
SAM - Data Explorer
SAM - Data Explorer FME Objects
SAE - Equivalent Points

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Results for our users

  • Cost-savings achieved of $50,000 - $250,000 per annum.
  • Reduced risk through minimized reliance on manual intervention.
  • An 18 hour manual job is now done automatically in 2 hours.
  • Timely adjustments with at least 98% accuracy.
  • Morale is boosted and staff freed up to focus on other projects.


SAM creates the shifts

Assets are correct in the GIS