Spatial Adjustment from OrthoPhotos

The Spatial Adjustment Manager for OrthoPhotos (SAM Ortho) provides a quick and efficient means to move digital cadastre, utilities and annotation layers to fit aerial photography, whether ortho-rectified or not.

  • The user picks common points interactively in the orthophoto .ecw file and their common points in the vector layers.
  • Every third or fifth back boundary corner is usually sufficient to provide a match.
  • Distortions caused by trees and shadow in the orthophoto are corrected so that fencelines remain straight.
  • The user identifies any discrepancy between the vector and ortho photography, quickly rectifies with additional vector-raster joins and re-runs the algorithm.

Ortho adjustment is part of the SAM architecture

The Spatial Adjustment Manager (SAM) manages the check out and check in of layers to the master GIS while the Spatial Adjustment Engine (SAE) performs the processing with powerful algorithms. Find out more in "How SAM works".



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