SAM Cadastre

SAM Cadastre enables the automated upgrade and re-alignment of cadastre and spatially dependent layers to match increased accuracy of GPS and CoGo plans.

Areas can be upgraded to Survey Accuracy (accurate to 5-10cm) via GPS, State Survey Marks and Deposited Plan entry and to Cartographic Accuracy (accurate to 30-60cm) via Orthophotography.

The Proposed Subdivision

This is a particularly problematic scenario. A utility or local council needs to design infrastructure for a new development or land release for which the official cadastre is not yet available. It uses the land developer’s initial subdivision plans but these may change before the land subdivision is actually registered.

Once the plan of the sub-division has been registered at the Land Title Office, the cadastral custodian issues a (near) survey accurate version of that part of the digital cadastre. There are often differences between this and the original developers plans.

When the official cadastre is published and applied to the utility’s GIS, the assets must remain to the same level of accuracy otherwise underground assets cannot be located. The cadastre must be adjusted to fit.

Zoning Layers

The Spatial Adjustment Manager has the ability to substitute line-work from the newer and more accurate cadastre into ‘ZONING’ Layers. Typically new versions of the Digital Cadastre have differing number of points along front and side boundaries, and by substituting these into zoning layers means that exact vertical topology can often be obtained without human editing.


SAM Cadastre works seamlessly with SAM Ortho

Adding a spatial join