Map Manager

Map Manager provides low-cost, richly functional, out-of-the-box solutions to all common GIS data publication needs. Our viewing and map-making packages have been designed and refined to provide intuitive, simple solutions suitable for all budgets.

Map Manager integrates all your image and vector data into a single seamless environment allowing you to view, browse and make maps from your GIS data easily and accurately. Because it is so simple to install and run, your users can be productive after only an hour or two of instruction.

Map Manager can make your SQL Server spatial themes, shapefiles, SDE layers, images (including ERMapper's popular ECW format), aerial photography and Map Info data available to all your users within as little as a few hours of installation.


  • Low cost of ownership. No expensive or lengthy data migration projects.
  • Site licensing available.
  • Low training costs.
  • Scalable –the client/server version has been known to support 60 or more users operating simultaneously.
  • Automated mapping including map series and intelligent legend.

  • Users can customise a view to their own requirements without affecting other users.

  • Many productivity features such as automatic layer ordering and layer transparency where appropriate.

  • Easy, centralised administration.

  • Administrators have complete control over who, what, and how data can be accessed.

  • Support for Corporate, Project and User themes, views and map templates.

Technical compatibility

Map Manager is kind on network traffic, generous on supported spatial and aspatial formats, and offers features not usually found in the major GIS software products.

  • Low network traffic (only a highly compressed image is returned to the client).
  • Map templates support numerous components, including fixed or user-selected image and text files, and theme-specific disclaimer or copyright information.
  • Spatial database integration - SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, ESRI SDE
  • Define compound themes comprising many layers - even across different spatial formats
  • Enhanced knowledge management.

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Sample Map Manager Legend