Entry, Location, Licensing of Events

ELLE is a spatially enabled Event/Works Manager that provides a rich functional out-of-the-box solution to manage activities which are restricted in time.

Think of a spatially enabled calendar, one that zooms in time and space to show you a map of events/works surrounding a planned fun run, and allows you to quickly assess the impact of the fun run on those activities.

ELLE Event Manager works at the edge of space and time, allowing activities to go through stages of assessment and licensing.

Events and works, indeed any activity anywhere can be located and assigned one or many shifts. A shift can go from 30 minutes to many months.

ELLE records the:
Who, contact details for both the activity owner and the on-site team.
What, whether it be road maintenance, bridge construction, preventative burning, fun run or beach carnival.
Where, whether the activity is on a public street, park, waterway or on private property.
When, continuous or shift work - by hour, day and week
Why, if this activity is part of a bigger project then it can be coordinated better through that channel.
How, what level of compliance with Standards, Traffic Management/Control Plans, etc.

ELLE can access your spatial data from Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle Locator/Spatial, SDE, Postgres, Shape and TAB Files, and will store the business data in SQL Server , Oracle and Postgres.

Ease of use

  • Flexible Location Finder, find addresses, intersections, or search on assets.
  • Public space custodians to better manage public works and planned events.
  • Conflicts in time and space to be easily be seen and therefore resolved before they become an issue.
  • Activities such as events and public works to be licensed quickly and confidently.
  • Those involved on-site to be contacted quickly and easily should their activity be causing problems.
  • Activities to be defined spatially and temporarily as one or more time intervals thus accommodating roadworks that span multiple work shifts and other activites that run contiguously for longer times
  • Flexible time entry methods, e.g. "Mon-Fri 0900-1530" between any two dates
  • Flexible time editing form, just draw a box around the half hour units to be turned 'On' or 'Off'.
  • Flexible time line display, rescaling from daily to weekly to monthly units as needed.
  • Add Proponents once, and reuse their details on subsequent activities.
  • Track license status, and produce a customizeable licence report at any time.
  • Scaleable, 20 users operating simultaneously either viewing or editing is a regular occurance.
  • Easily detect clashes in time and space with ELLE's timeline.

  • Use Map Manager's cartographic and preformance capability for a great mapping experience.

  • Support for Corporate, Project and User themes, views and map templates.

Technical compatibility

ELLE can source its spatial data from a wide range of spatial formats, and can store the business data in SQL Server, Oracle, Access or Postgres.

ELLE can also utilise Map Manager's excellant cartographic capabilities to enhance the operational experience of managing and licensing activities.

The database design facilitates the development of other site specific functionality such as replication, web based reporting and integration with existing and future system.

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Setting a license status is as easy as clicking on the panel and saving.



ELLE inherits all the spatial formats from SAM and Topo, making it a truely flexible renderer of spatial data.

The form above shows the current activity (yellow), with a pending (green) and licensed activity (blue) but how they fit together in time is lost.

When the above is combined with the timeline below it becomes apparent that the current and licensed activities are coincident in time but far enough apart spatially that there is little chance of each impacting on each other or unduly interfering with the general public. It is also apparent that the pending activity does not clash in time with the other two, and can safely be licensed.