The Spatial Adjustment Manager and Topo Manager are available for download and evaluation. Click here to browse the Demo CD where you can read further about downloading, installing and running SAM and Topo Manager.

You may Download the installation file here.


Screen Animations
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SAM Utilities - Extents
SAM Utilities - Operators
SAM Utilities - Allocation

SAM - Progress
SAM - Data Explorer
SAM - Data Explorer FME Objects
SAE - Equivalent Points
SAM Orthophotos - Control

View a short demonstration of topology cleaning on SQL Server 2008.

  PowerPoint Presentations

The Digital Cadastral Life Cycle explains the multiple stakeholders in the legal and digital cadastres, and how they cooperate to improve the positional accuracy of the digital cadastre.

Demonstration run of SAM Utils shows how a Council or a Utility agency can use SAM to reposition their field assets to a new digital cadastre.

Demonstration run of SAM Ortho and SAM Cad shows how a council or other digital cadastral custodian can improve the positional accuracy of their digital cadastre.

Demonstration of using the Data Explorer shows how to add an Oracle SDO_Geometry theme to AusGIS, SAM and Topo Manager.


A Brief History of Mapping explains how we ended up with mapping data that does not fit GPS and other sources of accurate coordinates.

White Papers and User Manuals
The Spatial Adjustment Engine
Spatial Adjustment Manager for upgrading digital cadastre and spatially related utility, asset and annotation layers
Spatial Adjustment Manager and Spatial Adjustment Engine
SAM's interface to FME/SpatialBIZ for Smallworld
User Manual for SAM Utils, SAM Ortho
User Manual for Topo Manager
User Manual for the Spatial Data Loader