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Spatial Tapestry Pty Ltd and its development arm Spatial Web Consulting are 100% Australian owned and operated. Founder and Managing Director Roger Merritt began developing cadastral and utility upgrade technologies in 1978 with the Spatial Adjustment Engine. He gained a PhD in the application of Least Squares Theory to spatial data.

Spatial Tapestry now provides a suite of Cadastral and Utility Upgrade technologies which are used by local government, utilities and data custodians to analyse, maintain and upgrade the digital cadastre, and the relative accuracy of field assets (utilities such as gas mains, electricity cables, etc.).


Spatial Tapestry operates with a skilled team and networked specialists located in Sutherland Shire, NSW.



September 2008

Spatial Tapestry launches ELLE as a tool to manage activities such as planned events and public works by adding calander functionality. ELLE operates at the intersection of space and time and facilitates the scheduling of activities to minimise the impact of these activities with each other and the general public.

August 2008

Spatial Tapestry is appointed a Microsoft SQL Server Spatial Business Partner, providing the full suite of the Spatial Adjustment Manager, Topo Manager and Map Manager on the new SQL Server 'Spatial' data type.

August 2008

Spatial Tapestry signs with IntraGIS Systems to take over the IntraGIS application, and launches Map Manager.

May 2008

Spatial Tapestry moves from the SSHED into new premises that will provide the space to grow its operations.

August 2007

Launch of Topo Manager at the GITA conference 2007. A copy of SAM donated by Spatial Tapestry as a conference prize is won by Brisbane City Council.

Support for a wide range of GIS formats is completed for both SAM and Topo Manager, either by native support or through the use of FME Objects from Safe Software.

July 2007

MidCoast Water purchases Topo Manager to regain vertical topology for the Land and Environment Plan.


Roger Merritt earns a Doctorate in Philosophy for his thesis titled "An Assessment of Using Least Squares Adjustment to Upgrade Spatial Data in GIS"


Launch of SAM for Shape and Tab Files. This is a complete, affordable 'End to End' solution for GIS users with simple "flat files"

Bowen Council and Johnstone Council purchase SAM to move their field assets, annotation, and numerous zoning, planning and administration layers to a new and much improved state owned digital cadastre.



Release of Spatial Adjustment Manager, which manages and simplifies the adjustment processes, further reducing operational costs for users.

Spatial Tapestry Pty Ltd handles the sales, marketing and customer support roles of Spatial Web Consulting Pty Ltd.


Dynamic Satelite Surveys begins using the Spatial Adjustment Engine to upgrade digital cadastre, and quickly wins work from Gladstone, Emerald, Rockhampton, Pine Rivers, Port Douglas and Wagga Wagga.


EnergyAustralia (on Smallworld) and Integral Energy (on Intergraph GTech) approach Spatial Web Consulting with their goals of accomodating Sydney Water's digital cadastre into their cadastral layer, and the subsequent need to reposition many hundreds of square kilometres of utility assets to fit against the new cadastre.

Spatial Web builds the Spatial Adjustment Manager to ease the IT interface work required and to give the operators and intuitive GUI to speed their work. The FME Objects interface is extended to interface with Smallworld via the SpatialBiz module, and custom tables are established to interface with GTech.


AlintaGas (WA) inplements the Spatial Adjustment Engine in their ArcView3 environment. The task of catching up with 5 years of programmed cadastral upgrades takes one man year to complete.


LPE (Northern Territory) purchase the Spatial Adjustment Engine and assist build an FME Objects interface to read DGN files created in Bentley Microstation.


Energex purchases the Spatial Adjustment Engine, and builds an interface to ESRI's ArcInfo. The implmentation is used to reposition Utility assets as the improved cadastre is received.


Spatial Web Consulting Pty starts development of the Spatial Adjustment Engine (SAE).

Initial projects included Survey Field Traverse adjustments, local road adjustments, and several pilot projects either adjusting the digital cadastre to fit survey dimensions and accurate survey control points, or fitting utility layers to a newer and more accurate digital cadastre.